Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bump de Bump

Absolutely beautiful weather this morning; knee warmers and short sleeves with a base layer. My back has been real stiff lately but I felt pretty good on the bike. JB and Rick were waiting for me at the Gate.

Rick's got some big plans for this year including the epic sufferfest Climb to Kaiser. I must admit my motivation to punish myself for fun has not arrived yet this year. We got a little ahead of JB before the Bump but then he caught up and then Rick took off and left both of us behind.

There were the most riders I'd seen all year on the Mountain today, and it also seems that they're getting better; most of them seemed to be experienced roadies. At the Junction there were some guys who had ridden up the Easy Way including one guy who was talking about being in the Soviet army.

We discussed Blackhawk, and JB kind of liked that idea but Rick suggested turning around at the Tire Poppers and coming back up and JB kind of agreed. He decided to keep going though when we got there so just Rick and I turned around.

There were lots of riders on SGR too, but also more auto traffic. By the time we got near the helicopter pad my legs were feeling pretty rubbery. I missed three weeks in a row in Feb and last week only did a short Junction ride so I guess that explains it but I've got some serious work to do before I'm ready for a tough century.

Lots of poppies had appeard on NGR by 10 o'clock when we went back down. Brought my better camera but didn't get a good shot.

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