Saturday, March 17, 2007

Gate-Junction-Tire Poppers-Junction-Gate-Jamba
How do you like that new shorthand?

I found the greenest (clean) jersey I had today and set off feeling pretty good... on my green bike.

JB, Rick, and I again this week. We saw quite a few riders coming down, and we passed a few riders going up. It was cool, since DST just started last weekend so the sun hadn't been up for too long, but it was warming up fast. Rick has a thermometer on his computer and he was giving us temperature updates every mile or so.

We all stayed together until 1MTJ and then JB and Rick had a little dueling match and dropped me. There's a new window display at the Junction Ranger Station - an Earth Day event on the Mountain with a stuffed fox on a log.

JB had to turn around and Rick and I decided to do the Tire Poppers again like last week. It was a nice descent and on the way back up we noticed a couple guys a few hundred meters back. I figured they'd catch us pretty quickly but Rick said "no way". They did pass us though, on that long steady grade area below the SGR Kiosk. They put a little distance on us but then on the fast section past the Kiosk Rick said we had to go get'em so we bridged up, stayed with them for just a minute, and then I attacked with Rick on my wheel. We held the gap for a while and then decided to attack again at the helicopter pad. One of the guys tried to catch us but we held him off until the Junction and then we went down NGR right away.

Then Rick led me out for another perfect Double Dip sprint.

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