Saturday, March 03, 2007

Diablo Junction Quickie

Dear daughter's birthday party was at 1 o'clock so I had to make this a short one. Drafted a huge roofing truck on Walnut Avenue at 40mph for about half a mile, that was one big sweet spot. Met Rick at the Church and then we saw Mark A start up solo and then JB rolled up to the Gate and off we went.

Lots and lots of riders today, we passed a bunch of riders that looked like they were training for something, there were riders coming down already, it was a rider's day on the Mountain. Barely warm enough for long sleeves with no jacket.

So at the Junction JB and Rick went up and I turned around. Rick later told me the Wall was closed again because of ice - that was surprising because there was no hint of snow or anything up through 2,000 feet.

I have GOT to start carrying my other camera - this little pocket thingy is as close to worthless as it could be.

Beautiful blue sky, crappy photo.

Beautiful oak tree, crappy photo - why do I bother?

Blog reader Curtis sent me this photo. He said my blog has inspired him (!) to start riding again. Said he used to ride the Mountain a lot in the '70s - that was even before Breaking Away! Maybe I can get a retrospective from him about how things were different back then. Curtis - I invite you to write a guest blog post for me to publish.

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