Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wednesday night rides are back!

But sunset is still only about 19:30 so I drove the truck in to work today so I could be sure to be home by dark. Adam met up with me at the Church, we didn't know it but JB had already started up.

Shortly after the Gate, we got passed by "The Knave" - I told Adam that a knave was a guy who wasn't as good as you but passed you anyway... not sure I got the whole meaning across. This knave looked strong but lacked suplesse... I figured he'd flare out but maybe he was an anti-poseur. Below the Bump I told Adam to go chase him down, and within a minute he'd put about half a mile of empty road between him and me.

So I rode solo until the Upper Ranch where I passed a guy on a newish Motobecane Le Champion mail order bike. He was having a tough time and as I passed him I joked that he was running out of gas. He said "This is SO much harder than South Gate!".

I started to run out of gas not too much farther up the road though, and I slowed way down past Chainbuster. Then the Knave passed me in the other lane on his descent, then a racer guy with an Italian logo on his shorts passed me just before the line.

JB and EQ were at the Junction but Adam had already gone down SGR. There was also a guy with a long skateboard and motorcycle helmet coming down from Summit Road - he got a lecture from the ranger and then pulled out his cell phone for a ride home. He was with another guy on an 80's Schwinn.

Motobecane guy came in a few minutes later and then came his riding buddy who must have started after me. When I started down, Schwinn guy was right behind me, but I let him pass when I pulled off to snap some photos. When I started down again, Italian shorts guy quickly caught me; we were pretty close to Moss Landing though so I forced him to take the lead and then I just twiddled along behind him. I almost felt guilty about taking advantage of him but I kept that thought from affecting my tactic. So as we approach the Double Dips I realize that Motobecane guy and his buddy are right next to me and buddy is positioning himself for the sprint. I did a little positioning myself and attacked at the perfect point and smoked them all easily - seriously I hardly threw down and just left them... it was glorious.

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