Friday, March 16, 2007

Hey, I Won a Prize!

I was really caught up in the Tour of California this year and disappointed that I couldn't make the Sierra Road trip like I did last year. So while I was watching the ToC on TV one day, Phil Liggett read the promo about donating to the Breakaway from Cancer fund by sending a text message from your cell phone. He said it had been a very popular and successful program and they were close to getting a million dollars. All you had to do was send a text message that said "donate" to a phone number and then 99¢ would be added to your phone bill and donated to the fund. I thought that was a really neat way to make a small donation and show my support for the race so I did it. I honestly didn't know there were any possible prizes associated with the program.

So earlier this week I take a cell phone call from an unknown number and it's this lady who says she was with AEG, the ToC promoters, and she needs to know my jersey size and address to send me my prizes. I was a little skeptical but she didn't ask for my credit card number or anything and she said I won a jersey and some other stuff.

Today it came by FedEx:

A ToC Leader's Jersey, a ToC rain jacket, a ToC hat, a pair of ToC socks, a CD of California oldies music, and four tickets to the Aquarium of the Pacific. How cool is that?

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