Saturday, June 09, 2007


Boy nothing like a new pair of cleats to make your ride go smoothly - and quietly if you get the teflon impregnated ones.

Met up with Rick at his car, then waited 30 seconds for JB at the Gate.

Wildlife Encounter: lots of jackrabbits in the field off to the left... squirrels too.

Dudley Driveby: 30 seconds up the road. Can't remember the last time I didn't see him. Actually I didn't even look at him but Rick recognized him and pointed him out. I must have been admiring my new cleats.

Today's excuse for going slow: head full of snot, scratchy throat, sore lungs, and stiff back. Nothing serious, just a rhinovirus and geriatria. I drifted off the back at the Lower Ranch, did one interval to catch up but then Rick attacked and I was yesterday's toast. Saw Jay K near the Upper Ranch. Finished with a couple dozen hackaloogies and snot rockets; the Junction was a slippery slimey mess at 8:48 am.

Rick wanted more climbing to prep for Climb to Kaiser but I wasn't up to it so JB and I went down South slowly and then turned around at the Kiosk to wait for Rick. After we all regrouped we decided on Blackhawk. As soon as we passed The Hole, JB said he regretted not taking the shortcut. Then it was fun and games down Tasajara and Danville Blvd. I took two hard rim hits though, one was a monitoring well divot and the other was a 2x4... I should probably check my wheels but seemed OK.

At Jamba I opted for the Coldbuster with immunity booster... not my favorite flavor but I couldn't taste much anyway. Then I noticed my cleats were loose! When I got home I took out all the screws, put on some blue Loctite, and then torqued down hard with my biggest screwdriver that fit. If they come loose again then I must need new shoes.

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