Wednesday, June 27, 2007


First Wednesday night ride in 6 weeks! Nice and warm, medium breeze, I drove to the Church and met JB at the Gate. Jeff got a head start. Saw AmyA go by about 3 minutes ahead of us.

Heat wasn't killer but it was a factor. At the Bump JB pulled ahead, caught AmyA and kept on going. Then she caught him back and the two of them got about two minutes on me by the Junction.

Jeff said his head start was only about 15 minutes so he razzed us for not catching him. Then we all turned down. I took the first half of the descent kind of slow and then picked it up at the Bump. JB was about 30 seconds ahead of me at Moss Landing but I closed to 10 seconds at the Dips and then caught him with 20 meters to go. He saw me coming though and did a bogus salute as if the finish line were 3/4 the way up instead of at the top. Someone should paint a line at the real finish.

Hey Rick... MXS: 45.5 mph

I always get a kick out of seeing my water bottle get squished from the change in air pressure.

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