Saturday, June 02, 2007

Gate - Junction - SG Kiosk - Gate

I THOUGHT I had put my tights away for the season weeks ago. Had to dig them out this morning though... brrr.

Then riding down Bancroft, I sense that my right shoe has too much float... looking down I realize that my foot is floating but the cleat is staying put. I made a mental note to unclip with my left foot and avoid falling over at the next stop light. Sure enough - one screw was missing from the cleat and the other two were loose. Plus, these cleats look really worn out. I managed to get the screws tightened down some with my little multi-tool but it wasn't really sized appropriately for the job.

Got to the Gate just a few minutes late and explained my predicament to JB. He said a guy had just been there that had a tool to tighten his crank so we could catch him and ask if he had a better screwdriver. For now though, they seemed to be holding.

Dudley Drive-by: right at the Gate while I was inspecting my cleat. The guy sure is regular.

Caught the tool guy just below the Bump and he was happy to help - his tool was a little bigger than mine and I got another turn or so on the screws and they held the rest of the way up.

Wildlife Encounter: a coyote below Diablo Ranch.

It was so foggy that the sun looked no brighter than a full moon, but as we came around the Upper Ranch it suddenly cleared up and the wind died down too. Still not warm, but much more comfortable.

After a pause at the Junction (where it was quite warm), JB went home and I went down SGR to the Kiosk. Immediately I dropped back into the soupy fog and was chilled and wet. I enjoyed the drastic change in weather in such a short span of time, but my fingers didn't.

By the time I went back down the north side, the fog was gone. Fun day.

Look cleats with teflon anti-squeak bits are $21 a pair now!

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