Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gate-Junction-Tire Poppers-Gate

Today's roster: me and Rick. JB went to the meeting about what to do with the old Concord Weapons Depot.

After a week of stifling heat, this morning was COLD and windy, almost looked like it might even rain! Of course the wind vector was completely opposite to our trajectory.

Dudley Drive-by: at the loading dock.

OK, when I say windy, I mean littlest gear out of the saddle tight grip on the bars head down and demoralized kind of windy. It was a slog!

Lots of people were at the Junction and lots of expensive beautiful bikes. One couple asked me to take their photo in front of the ranger station with their disposable camera, they declined the opportunity to have one posted here as well.

It started to warm up a little and we decided to do the Tire Poppers. It was instantly cold and foggy again - kind of a black fog that felt like the inside of a rain cloud. Big wet spots on the road from trees dripping. I was feeling better by the time we turned around so coming up the Easy Side was more fun.

Wildlife Encounter: a coyote just above the 1,000 foot sign. I stopped to take his photo but he was running away.

We didn't even stop again at the Junctio, we were in a hurry to get a hot cocoa at Starbucks.

We chased down a group of about 8 riders who were not bad descenders and I thought about how much fun it would be to sprint past them all at the Dips. Just after we grouped up we saw Grant P coming up and he warned us about a snake in the road...

Wildlife Encounter: a long rattle snake with a big white rattle on his tail.

There was a tailwind past Moss Landing so we were really flying, then I outsprinted everyone at the Dips. Then we went to Starbucks.

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Rick said...

By the way Scott, 45 mph was a record for Northgate Rd!