Saturday, June 30, 2007


Short and sweet today. Had to be home by 9:30 for a family function. Rick's doing Climb to Kaiser today and JB said he'd probably start late so I knew it would be a solo ride. Absolutely perfect weather today, but it's supposed to be better tomorrow.

Dudley Driveby: 8:20 am at the Top of the Bump.
Saw the Rivendell boys coming down with lots of camping gear; must have been one of Grant's S24O's.

Got to the Junction, did a couple laps around the parking lot to recover, and started down. Saw JB on his way up somewhere around Clavicle Cracker.

Oddball Sighting: Odd only in the sense that you don't see these everyday - a guy and his father in this recumbent tandem at the pull out near the Bottom of the Bump. They were stopped and I took their photo with the son's camera as well. They had bags of stuff that made it look like they'd be having a picnic at the top or something.

Nobody to sprint with on the Dips except myself... so I guess I won.

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