Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2008 WNR 12

JB and I started out right on time. It was supposed to be hot but it was hotter than I expected.

Started out strong but by the time I got to the Lower Ranch I was pooped. JB dropped me and a steady string of Diablo Cyclists came around as well before I got my sorry self to the Junction.

Didn't see any Death Ride jerseys, those guys must have had enough.

Sew-up repair review:

Patch stuck and the stitching was adequate.

But there was more of a gouge than I realized (looks much smaller when flat) and the casing was cut as well so the tube was poking out. Had to toss this tubie. I mounted another one that I patched last year but it didn't hold up either. I've got an unused one to mount but didn't have any more glue. Got some more today at Performance ($3 Continental)... Sports Basement doesn't carry any.

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