Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bump de Bump

On the way to the Gate this morning, I saw a bicycle chain embedded in some new pavement patching tar so I stopped for a photo.

Except it turned out to be a chain saw chain.

Still an odd thing to find in the pavement. It must have found its way into the kettle and the road crew didn't feel like picking it out. No way it could have fallen in there later and gotten smushed down like that.

I thought I saw JB leaving the Gate just before I got there... but he was still waiting and it was someone else I saw.

Wildlife Encounter: a happy little bunny below the Lower Ranch

It got warmer and warmer as we climbed. JB surged near Son of Chainbuster and I lost contact.

Dudley Driveby: Chainbuster.

Met this cool ol' guy with a Klein at the Junction. Odd assortment of components including Flight Deck, Ritchey crank, Mavic Helilum wheels, etc. He was headed for Dougherty Valley Road and Sunol.

JB wanted to do the Hole but I talked him into the Poppers and back up. Usually I can out sprint him from the South side and today was one of those days.

Also saw blogreader Chris at the Junction, but the hardcore index has definitely taken a tumble since the Death Ride is over.

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