Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gate - Junction - Blackhawk - Jamba

JB's in Hawaii so Rick and I started out alone. We rode together until we saw a whole bunch of riders ahead of us all stretched out over a half mile or so, then Rick took off and passed them all. I did too but it wasn't as impressive of a display.

The air's the best it's been in several weeks but still not great. Also very warm, Rick said even his knees were sweating. I was out of Power Bars so I packed a banana today and it was really good!

There was a sign at the Junction that said South Gate Road will be completely closed (vehicles, bikes, hikers, horses) for paving on WEEKDAYS from August 4 to August 29... that'll affect the after work guys from the Danville side. SGR will be open on weekends and NGR and Summit Road will not be closed at all. Call the hotline for up to date recorded info: 925-837-2525 (4#)

Then we went down to Blackhawk and all those little sprinter hills really toasted me.

Taking photos at mega-MPH is a little tricky.

Banana berry Jamba FTW!

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