Saturday, July 05, 2008

Gate - Junction - Blackhawk - Jamba

I was just a couple minutes late to the Gate but JB and Rick started without me. I didn't expect to catch them but I did, just before the Bump.

Wildlife Encounter: A black-eared jack rabbit near Arroyo del Cerro Ranch.

JB faded at the Ranger House and then I nipped Rick at the line - but he wasn't really trying.

Saw blog-reader Chris at the Junction and he asked about his photo from the time trial - I didn't recognize his photo at the time but here it is now.

Rick leads JB through a SGR switchback

Dudley Driveby: At the Junction - camping shorts, jacket, and backpack.

Rick and I decided to do Blackhawk but JB turned off at the Hole.

On Tasajara as we were approaching an intersection with a green light, Rick said something about a sprint. I was on the outside and when I looked over I saw a large FedEx truck getting ready to pass us - I figured Rick wanted to draft it so I let loose with a killer acceleration and caught the thing and followed it for a couple minutes at 40+ mph... got some funny looks from the other traffic but it was fun. Rick just missed the sweet spot but caught up to me after the truck turned off.

I felt pretty good but I had no out-of-saddle legs... every time we came to a hill sprint I just rubberized.

Banana-berry Jamba with immunity booster FTW.

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