Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lafayette Criterium

No Diablo ride this weekend. Sunday I brought Diablo Daughter to do the kid's race and Rick brought his son too. They both had a lot of fun and we bought them ice cream treats from McDonald's afterwards.

Pre-race nourishment.

Instructions from the officials (and parents)

The breakaway group of two lays down some pain

Winners of the team classification

After the kid's race I stayed around to watch Adam's P-1-2 race... a 7-man group lapped the pack creating all kinds of problems for the other riders and the officials, followed by a crash at the finish involving Adam's team-mate Pete... lots of unhappy people.

Adam's team-mate Pete leads the break on its way to lapping the field. Can't beat that beautiful downtown Lafayette scenery!

Then I rode home from Lafayette and popped my rear tubie on Olympic. It was just after the place where Rossmoor resident (who should have had his license suspended a long time ago) Clyde Brenner with his Cadillac murdered one cyclist and injured her riding buddy (returning to Berkeley after a Diablo ride) waiting for a stoplight last year. There was just a little remnant of a shrine remaining there.

Spare tubular installed on the road, sewing project at home.

Diablo Daughter helped me patch and stitch today's flat. Also we glued on a tire that I had patched last year but it failed at 100 psi so I wasted a half tube of glue and didn't have any more. Had to put the winter clinchers on Eddy for the commute to work tomorrow and shop for some masticce gutta this week.

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kid kulaki! said...

nice bike race, unfortunately i did crashed yesterday also, cat5, i'm the only one who crashed, i'm just ying to break-away and my rear tire slip. too fast on the corner and i leaned my bike to much. here's the pics before it happens,