Saturday, April 11, 2015

2015 SMR 13

T'was a beautiful spring day on The Mountain this morn.

The poppy population is down, and there's a little more brown.

Arm warmers felt nice most of the ride.  Plus Belgian Hardmen wear them and Roubaix is tomorrow.

Lots and lots of riders of all kinds enjoying Mount Diablo State Park.

One guy at the Summit said it was his first time.  He thought it was a big accomplishment but didn't plan on doing it again soon.

Not sure what happened here,
but it didn't look like they needed
any more help.

Roadkill Report:  A BADGER!!!  Yes, a BADGER!

We'd seen it on the way up but it was upside down and looked more like a raccoon.  JB and I both said it looked like a badger, but it couldn't be because there aren't any badgers around here... are there?

On the way down I was looking for it, thinking I'd scoot it off the road and get a photo... somebody had already done that and there were two guys looking at the badger at the Loading Dock... they offered to help me with my Instagram post:


Turns out badgers are not quite rare enough to be on the threatened species list:

My size 44 Sidi for some perspective.

I propped his head up on this rock...
I'm sure he didn't mind.

There was a tick crawling on his nose... eww.

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