Saturday, April 18, 2015

2015 SMR 14

First of all - THIS

Thistle on Mount Diablo

Saw a rest stop set up at the Church and realized today must be the Devil Mountain Double  but later I found out it was the staff ride and the real event is next week.

There were a lot of riders today, and also a lot of vehicles because it was a Mount Diablo Earth Day event with many volunteers.

Action shot of fast guy passing me #1

Just a flat tire

Sergeant Slow Descender was barely moving...
I wonder what his story is.

JB is thinking about repainting his custom
Della Santa... found some rusty spots while
doing maintenance.

Action shot of fast guy passing me #2

Action shot of fast guy passing me #3

Mechanic's Log:  Replacing cleats and heel pads on Sidi cycling shoes
Last time I changed the heel pads was 3 years ago... not sure about the cleats but I think it's at least that long.

Tools needed: allen wrenches, screw drivers, drill, glue (just in case).

Initial conditions: worn out.

Remove worn out bits - clean off sole

Note new heel pad (top) and worn out heel pad (bottom)

Do not get these mixed up.

Heel pads have little nubs that must be removed for some shoes.

Note new cleat (top) and worn out cleat (bottom)

Much life remains in this footwear.

Note glue squirting out from under heel pad.
One of my shoes had stripped threads in there
so the glue provided bonding plus helped the screw grab.

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