Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2015 WNR 02

Hosni Mubarak died today - and flags on Diablo were at half-mast... surely those things can't be related.  Found out later that the POTUS declared a day for remembering Abraham Lincoln's assassination 150 years ago.

New rider from work this afternoon - Shawn.  He's been riding to work in Walnut Creek from his home in Pleasanton just about every day, and he's had some previous cycling experience, but he hadn't ever been up Diablo except part way up SGR one time.  So I gave him a ride to the Church where we met up with some other folks.  He wasn't sure how he'd do but figured after the ride he could either go down the other side to go home, or ride back down North Gate to catch BART, or even turn around if he couldn't make it to Junction.

So we kept things a little more social than usual and Shawn did fine and did ride the rest of the way home after.  He's planning a SF-LA bike trip this summer so he's serious about training.

Roadkill Report:  a little snake.  The badger was gone.

Coming down, the sun was at a really bad angle for visibility... it was a cautious descent.

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