Saturday, April 25, 2015

2015 SMR 15

Just wet enough for me to break out the Belgian Beast.  Waiting for JB at the Gate, I met this couple and the gentleman asked me (with a noticeable accent) if I was German (no)...  then if I was Belgian, and I said "no, but my BIKE is Belgian.  He examined my Eddy Merckx and then told me HE was also from Belgium.  I said "Aangenaam kennis met je te makken!"  Then they explained that they were FRENCH speakers, so I said "Well Enchant√©!"

They asked about all the bike riders they'd seen while on their walk and I explained the Devil Mountain Double.  We discussed Belgian bike races, and they knew that Liege-Bastogne-Liege is tomorrow, and they were quite proud that Phillipe Gilbert was from their area.

Michelline et Jean

Wish I'd pointed my camera at them earlier, they were delightful.

SAG driver stopped to see if I needed anything.

JB never showed up so I went alone.  Going up NGR I was way too warm with tights and jacket.  Saw the last DMD rider at about 8:30.  At Junction I searched for motivation to continue in my jersey pocket and found a macadamia nut Clif Bar... did the trick.

Above Junction it got really foggy and I was much more comfortable.

Diablo Shoutout:  Celebrity Cyclist Buffalo Bill Cody

Here's another semi regular on The Mountain:  Sandal Guy.

He must really hate closed-toe shoes.


Mike said...

Ha! I see the elderly couple all the time. I always make a point of saying hi. They are very nice!

The sandal guy was following me down one day from Junction and I heard a noise, looked over my shoulder and saw him flipping over the bars! He had misjudged a turn and taco'd his front wheel in the accident. I asked him if I could call someone but he said he was fine. Picked up his bike over a shoulder and with a broken flip flop started walking down the hill.

Diablo Scott said...

I've seen them frequently as well, and usually just said "good morning" as I rode past. A confluence of fortune that Liege-Bastogne-Liege, Eddy Merckx weather, Devil Mountain Double, and JB not showing up meant that today we had a connection and conversation. Next time I see them I will say "Bonjour Michelline et Jean" instead of a generic greeting.

Sandal guy is a tough nut!