Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Blog reader Mike is on the steering comittee for the Diablo Challenge and he asked me to help him stir up some enthusiasm for this year's event.

The Challenge is a benefit for Save Mount Diablo and the registration page is HERE.

There is also an on-line forum for asking questions and sharing information HERE.

This event is always special, but this year may have a special guest: Floyd Landis is rumored to be coming to do the ride. (edited to correct my mistake that the special guest might have been Bobke).


Rick said...

Wow, Bobke!

Michael said...


I thought the rumor was that Floyd Landis had signed up, but we aren't sure if he'll really make it or not.

Hey, I'll enjoy Floyd or Bob OR Both.


Diablo Scott said...

Sorry, I got my e-mails mixed up. Blog reader Kevin sent me an e-mail about Bobke having nothing to do with the Challenge and Mike sent me the one about Floyd doing the Challenge.

Rick said...

Don't tease me!