Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Amanda tried to organize a "Ladies' Night" on the Mountain but she was the only one to show up. Steve K and Collin came from work too though so that made six of us counting me, JB, and Adam. Oh and Jim Smith too but I hardly know him.

It was pretty warm, the Diablo Cyclists got a head start on us, I felt good until I started to get a little stomach cramp.

Wildlife Encounter: Two dear in the little creek bed at that hairpin right turn at the bottom of the Bump. They could have bolted across the road at any time, but they just watched me go by.

JB and Steve had a couple minutes on me by the Ranches, and Steve dropped JB a little ways after that. In fact he kept on going at the Junction and I never saw him again... he must be riding a lot - he's done the Death Ride and he ran a marathon this year so he's really fit.

Lots of bugs at the Junction so we turned around.

They're building this interesting retaining wall at the Loading Dock, nice to see some log work here instead of more concrete.

Back at the bottom, my niggling stomach cramp was turning into a full-fledged belly ache; made me think I may have not washed out my bottles well enough.

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