Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Donated blood yesterday, that always makes me feel proud of myself. I almost fainted in the chair; got all sweaty and dizzy - sometimes that happens, the blood takers said I should start off with my head lower by reclining the chair more. But how will donating a pint yesterday affect my ride performance today?

101°F WHEW!

OK, low blood volume and high heat means today was just to survive, I figured if I could get to the Junction in under 60 minutes without chundering or passing out it would be a success.

Roadkill Observation: a small rattlesnake and a lizard - the snake was all dried up but the lizard was still kind of juicy and the bugs were eating on him.

JB left me behind and I just plugged at my slow pace. I felt OK but my heartrate was a lot higher than it should have been for what I was doing - MHR = 180 and I was NOT pushing it. Usually when it gets that high I can feel my heart pounding in my chest and ear drums but today I wouln't have guessed it was that high were it not for my monitor. I thought I was well hydrated but not well enough I guess.

Two guys passed me, the first guy said "Hey my brother has that same bike" the second guy said "Isn't this insane?" (referring to the heat).

Even the ride back down was hot - didn't get that refreshing evaporative cooling rush.


DBrower said...

Hi, Scott,

Linked you into today's roundup of Landis news for no particularly good reason, and put up some of your graphs.

I'd be amused if you'd put up a line on the Sierra comparison for Castle Crest, which I've been using as a training hill when I don't have time for the real mountain.

I'll be doing training rides tommorrow, sat and sun -- change to meet up?


Diablo Scott said...

Hey - You're by far the most famous anonymous celebrity ever to leave me a comment! I'll have to make a whole post out of this. Link on your site? Ought to send my hit counter through the roof!

Never heard of Castle Crest, I'll look it up and see because I like making those kinds of profile graphs.

Training rides? I'm sure I'd slow you down but if you're a regular on the Mountain then introduce yourself.


Diablo Scott said...

OK, I figured out where Castle Crest Road is, and I see that it's on the famous EastBayDeadEndTour but I can't find any elevation profile data for it. Someone send me a SRM chart or something.

Hey - I figured out how to put links in my comments form!

Diablo Scott said...

Hmmm, if that link didn't work, copy one of these into your browser:

And let me try again: