Saturday, August 04, 2007


Muster Report: Me and Rick

Plan of the Day: Intervals

Weather: Hot and dry

Rick says "Let's warm up until about Moss Landing and then do intervals until the Junction. I said "OK but I'll be completely spent long before then."

This is the new retaining wall at the Loading Dock.

So we start off doing 1-on, 2-off and I was really going for it. I did three really hard ones and recovery took the whole two minutes. Rick was far out of sight after my fourth interval, which only lasted about 40 seconds. Then I reduced my interval sessions to 30 seconds. Some of those last few though were barely perceptable as intervals since neither my heartrate, speed, or cadence went up any.

This is the creek bed at the bottom of the Bump where I saw the deer on Wednesday.

Hot and buggy at the Junction but there were quite a few people there. Then down SGR we went.

Took a while to find a groove on Diablo Road and I didn't have any zip in my legs but it felt like good training. Managed to find some kick on a couple of hills on the way back to Walnut Creek. I was really rocking that Jamba afterwards.

40 hard miles, then yard work in the heat. Saturdays are the best.

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