Wednesday, August 08, 2007


After work ride - this time it was ladies' night.

Roster: Steve K, EQ, JB, and the ladies: The Tami, Goofy, Blitz (the only one who's ridden the Mountain before), and Karen.

Tami had me check her bike since it's been a while and I just pumped up her tires and did a safety check which was fine. Then Goofy had me check her bike and it had a derailleur problem: stuck in the smallest cog and would NOT move - the shifter was broken or something. We managed to block out the high stop in a lower gear so she probably had a 28x16 or something... not looking good for this amateur.

JB waits patiently for everyone to unload.

Goofy is chomping at the bit to get going.

Steve K rides a lot but is new to the Wednesday night club.

Tami checks in with her stock broker one last time.

Almost everybody got to the Church on time but then EQ noticed his rear tire was low. He said he pressed it up in the morning so we decided it might be OK with just a top-off. Then we all rode out to the Gate and by then his tire was flat again so we decided to fix it. Everyone started up except him and me. First off it was a REALLY tight fit and I struggled getting the tire off. Finally got it and put in his spare and when he put his pump on it the valve core came out! By now we're at least 10 minutes behind everyone and I'm getting MY spare tube out for him to use. This one went a little more smoothly and I put in a CO2 charge to speed things up and we were off with a 20 minute handicap.

Caught up to Blitz and Karen at the bottom of the Bump and EQ noticed his wheel was askew so we stopped to straighten it and tighten the skewer; then he said he'd ride at their pace the rest of the way so I went on ahead. Goofy was a ways ahead but she got off and walked up the steepest part of the Bump when I caught up to her. I coaxed her back on and she made it past the Upper Washout before pooping out again.

Goofy really enjoyed the Bump in her big gear.

I don't know who this guy is, but I like to put photos of other people in here in case they read my blog.

Then we were all together for another half mile before they all called it quits so I did the last 2-1/2 miles solo. Steve, JB, and Tammy were coming down as I rounded Chainbuster and I gave them a quick update.

Wildlife Encounter: My first tarantula of the season! I would have stopped to take his photo but he was almost off the road and would have been gone too soon.

So a lap around the parking lot and I went down. Met up with everyone and rode very slowly (Tammy is afraid of descending) until Penny Lane where me and JB droped the hamer. I led all the way to the Dips and then shelled him for the finish. He said he was all he could do to stay in my draft. Then I stopped to take some photos but my little camera wouldn't click fast enough to get everyone.

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