Saturday, August 18, 2007


JB got tired of waiting for me and left the Gate at 0807 hrs just as I was getting there, I had to chase him down and got all tired. Windy at the bottom too.

Saw Waterford guy from last week and rode with him for a while but then he dumped me.

Did pass up about 5 guys but they didn't look like they did much climbing. Got warmer and calmer in the middle, then JB dumped me.

Dudley Driveby: Top of the Bump, 0828 hrs.

Saw Jay K coming down also.

Hung around Junction and then went to Juniper.

JB said the weather report said 25 mph winds at the Summit.

Nice fast descent, I stayed about 20 meters behind JB, then below the Junction we saw three guys ahead of us and I started planning my spring. At first I wasn't sure I could catch them. Then I started to smell brake pads burning so I knew there was a car ahead that might slow them down. By the last bend I had them all in sight - one guy had already made his move and JB was passing the other two guys - I came around those three pretty fast and hammered to catch up with #1 and caught him with at least a half mile before the dips. He didn't seem to know the road too well and was slowing down too much around little sweeps. With 400m to go I knew I could take him easily and started a little early knowing he wouldn't take that bottom curve at full speed, so I blew by him and then I saw another guy at the top of Dip #2 and caught him with a few meters to go also - that was a good one and I let loose an ostentatious victory salute.

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