Saturday, June 25, 2022

2022 Diablo Day 41 - Saturday Morning Junction

Not too hot during the ride - but things can heat up quick.

Me and JB talked about medical stuff, and political stuff, and heat.

At Junction a guy asked all about my bike and we traded some good stories.

Also at Junction I recognized Bay Area Cycling Celebrity Alison, aka Pink Panniers Lady. Nearly everybody with a bike has seen her riding around with her pink everything and stuffed moose. Seeing her has a way of making your day. So we posed for a selfie and she said she READS  MY BLOG !!! Turns out it was her husband's birthday and they were going up Summit Road, so happy birthday John.

Lots of garage sales on the residential part of the ride - I got enough junk so I just looked away. 

Here are some photos of previous Alison sightings:

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

2022 Diablo Day 40 - Wednesday Junction

Rode from home again - felt fine but a little tired already by The Gate.

Charlie and I got an early start because it was gonna get HOT. I saw JB coming up on the way down.

Wildlife Encounter: a mama quail and some little chicks ran across the road in front of us - it was real cute. Then they ducked under some bushes.

Charlie pushed hard for the whole ride, but I managed to summon enough strength for a last mile breakaway.

Wildlife Encounter: a coyote near Diablo Ranch. He was in the shadows and I didn't see him just standing there until I was right next to him. I suspect he wasn't looking for a meal or else I'd be coyote kibble.

I just looked up and there he was.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

2022 Diablo Day 39 - Saturday Junction

Yesterday I did a reconnaissance ride to  my cataract doctor's office to make sure it was an OK ride. I would've figured it was hard to get to, but it was really pretty easy, it just used part of the trail and such that I don't know as well. So that was fun. Worst part is this tunnel that goes under Hwy 242 - it's dark and ugly and has a bunch of junk in it. Anyway, my appointment is Tuesday morning. It's a nice medical and business office building so I get to walk around carrying my helmet, wearing my bike shorts while everyone else is wearing scrubs or suits.

The building does have a bike parking area. One of those ribbon bike racks that are specified by architects that hate bicycles, and no one rides here so put in the cheapest thing available units.

So for today I had decided to ride from home instead of driving to the church. The last time I did this I was way worn out when it was all over, and I decided I wasn't ready. Well today went great so this will be my new norm and an indication that my knee healing has taken the next quantum leap.

This is really wonderful weather we've been having - a few hot days, a few cool days, a little rain, and the air quality is better too - beautiful clouds and sky.

I was thinking that after 20 years of blogging, that I've photographed every inch of The Mountain and there was nothing left I haven't posted... but then I realized I don't usually post the uninteresting stuff - so I did that today. There are no bad areas on Diablo, but some areas are under-appreciated. Also no cropping and no editing of the rest of the photos here - enjoy.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Diablo Day 38 - Wednesday Junction

More beautiful weather today. The air quality is starting to get worse from something though... not bad, just not that sky-blue that the sky should be.

JB said he would be late, so me and Charlie started up. He'll be out of town next week so that ought to shake things up. 

At The Bump I did some big gear pushing, and then I did some intervals, and suddenly I was a couple minutes ahead of Charlie so I kept going and had my best Junction time of the year.

I caught the old Diablo Cyclists gang with a mile to go. We all hung out at the Junction and posed for photos and BS'ed.

Wildlife Encounter: alligator lizard.

Don with the custom fixie, Coach Andy = 84, my neighbor Amy A, Punkin' Jay, my back, and Charlie.

Lance Oldstrong sighting.