Saturday, January 27, 2024

2024 Diablo Day 02 - Saturday Morning Junction

End of January and I almost could've worn shorts - the jacket was definitely overkill.

Bad weather and too much work has kept me off the bike for 3 weeks! Boy I felt it today too - knee hurt, legs were burning, and I was slow.

Didn't see any wildlife, but the pothole population has increased significantly.


Monday, January 01, 2024

2024 Diablo Day 01 - New Year Summit

Great weather and New Year Day - two things that bring the masses to The Mountain. 

I hadn't ridden to The Summit since I broke my kneecap THREE YEARS AGO. I got up early but the fog was so thick I delayed my start until 0830, when visibility was better. I was ready and I paced myself just fine and everything was fine, but it took a lot out of me.

I picked a shard of glass out of my front tire - did a little tread damage but no flat.

I got a lot of dried fruit for X-mas... packed a baggie full of it for power snacks. Probably just as effective as a Clif Bar.

At Junction, Colonel Al was passing out cards for a GoFundMe campaign to help with legal bills regarding the fenced-off shortcut on South Gate Road. Then he said the head ranger was going to make him stop because there was a rule about soliciting money in The Park. I reminded him that he was NOT soliciting money, he was just passing out flyers, that linked to a website that provided information, including a donation button.

Also at Junction, a club of CaTrike riders were there - they looked like they were having fun.  I also saw an elliptical bike, a couple tandems, and a few bike trailers with dogs and/or kids inside.

There was a really big trail running event going on too - they had a tent and aid stations at Summit.

Lookit all them Strava Flybys


Blog Reader Bharat was happy to finally
get his mugshot posted here next to my own.

This little feller threw a bit of a fit in the Lower Lot.
Mom resolved things quickly.