Saturday, July 30, 2016

2016 SMR 25

Gonna be hot up there. 
Ahhhh... some shade. 
Anyone in a Cal jersey gets an automatic blog photo.

Special guest rider:  Elmar.

JB and I both admired the color-coordination of
this rider's helmet, socks, and jersey.

Wednesday night, Blog Reader Lance Oldstrong asked me how Penny Lane got its name.
That got me to thinking about how long those pennies have been gone.  This photo is from year 2007. That got me to thinking - I've got a pocketful of pennies and a big tube of liquid nails - so maybe when they're done with the roadwork I'll do a little modification.  I don't remember if they were all heads-up or what.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2016 WNR 20

Yup... another hot one.

Diablo Shoutout to Blog Reader Lance Oldstrong who showed off his new double century bike and new double century physical conditioning.  He was doing intervals in preparation for the Best of the Bay Double Century which includes Diablo... so that makes it awesome.

Would've been nice to have some wet washcloths up here.

Wildlife Encounter:  BOBCAT !!!

Here's what The Mountain looks like from DVC

Sunday I was cleaning out behind my bike stuff storage cabinet and found my old jersey wallet!
It had fallen behind the cabinet against the wall.
I don't even remember losing it.  Wonder what's inside.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

2016 SMR 24

Supposed to be HOT today.

"Hot" in Farsi is "dawq"

This guy has become a Saturday morning regular.  I want to give him a quirky nickname like "Noxzema Man" because he paints his face white with sunscreen, but the Triple Crown jersey means I'm not worthy to pick the thorns out of his tires.

Special subsection for Diablo Mom:

Diablo Shoutout to BlogReaderDan - who easily recognized me just above Juniper ... because I was descending so slowly and carefully.

Then I got behind a truck that was behind a really slow descender and it took forever to get down.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

2016 WNR 19

Special guest rider tonight:  Mike (in orange) from our Sacramento office.

Mike's fast, I rode his wheel to a personal best in Д Segment 1

And then I had to let him go.

Long, hot, solitary ride to Junction.

Mike rode to the Summit in 72 minutes.

I'm expecting the first tarantula siting of the year any day now.

Note to self:  time to wash the truck.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

2016 SMR 23

Regular Saturday Morning Summit.

How you guys doing this morning?

Something's wrong, my new bottom bracket doesn't feel crunchy.

Did I mention I put new tires on last week?

This guy was having a hard time, but he was determined.
We saw him stopped a couple times, too tired to go on, but not giving up.

This guy rode behind us for a while on Summit Road -
JB said "There's no awards for keeping up with us."
I said "Yeah, it's actually kind of embarrassing."

He is from Danville and he said the long descent makes him kind of nervous
so he doesn't do Diablo very often.

Another driver who doesn't get it, just about GOT IT

Thursday, July 14, 2016

2016 WNR 18

Perfect riding weather.  Group of eight tonight.

After Sunday's Tour stage to Arcalis (one of my favorites in a long time) , I re-examined the Mountain Classification of Diablo.

It's on the low end of the range, but it's **clearly** a Hor'se Category.

OK, I'll just ride Elmar's wheel  and then pass him at the line.

Crap... he's getting away from me.