Saturday, October 30, 2021

Saturday Morning Bumps

JB rode yesterday and I couldn't, so I wasn't expecting him today but I saw him coming down as I was on my way to Bump 1.

This plan works out pretty well: get up early, get all my bike stuff ready, lay out my bike clothes, take dog to dog park to get her good and tired, come home for quick change, close her off in her room and she'll sleep most of the time I'm gone.  Worked today anyway.

Got rained on just a little. Wind was a little stronger than I would've liked. Didn't feel the zip today though. I decided my minimum would be 5 Bumps, with a stretch goal of 8, and I did 6.

Surprise guest Midland rode up while I was turning around to start up Bump 6 and he joined me and we told jokes and then he went on to do a big ride when I turned down.

I should probably ice my  knee tonight.

Big mudslide at the Loading Dock after last week's storm - less than perfect cleanup.
And of course that's where the cars want to pass and kick up dust in your face.

Midland Steve!

Current Legend of The Bump: Brian H.

Cal Socks Autoblog

Current Legend Femenìn of The Bump: Cathy P.

Nice Merckx.

Obligatory dramatic sky shot.

This guy passes me almost every Diablo ride. Nice IBIS gravel bike.

Legend of The Bump update:

I'm in fourth position; 14 Bumps away from legend status. Pretty elite competition up here though.

That laurel wreath is within my grasp NOW. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Wednesday Bump Repeats again

Well after the biggest rainstorm in memory, the sun came out and it was perfect whether. Lots of mud and rockslide areas next to the road though.

Just me, so just bumps.

Happened upon Jay, and he said he had been following my Bump Repeat posts and decided to do one himself; then we had a chin wag and compared knee stories and health plans.

Diablo Shoutouts to Shawn  Lance  and  Punkin' Jay  

Bumps Today:                07

Bumps of Autumn:        28

Legend Bumps:             37 

People Ahead of Me:     04




ME:  Photo credit - Punkin Jay

Wildlife Encounter: lots of deer

Oh yeah, that laurel wreath is in my sights.

Roadkill Report:  big ol' honkin' turkey

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Saturday Morning Junction - beat the rain!

Well the whole Bay Area knows rain is coming, but it held out long enough for a good Diablo Ride. Lots of other riders thinking the same thing.

Knee hurts but succumbed to my commands. First ride of the year in tights - I wore my Loose Tights (oxymoron?) so my brace would fit underneath... worked OK.

They were doing some Search & Rescue practice today, so a little more traffic than normal.

Post-ride bike inspection revealed that my sew-ups probably won't make it through the season... but I have some supple Pavès aged and ready in the garage!

Cal Jersey Autoblog

Is this a new sign? It's an old dip.

Wildlife Encounter: Coyote!

This guy said "Nice Merckx" as he passed.

Blue shoes for the win.

Diablo Shoutout to Kasters! aka SandleGuy

Blue shoes for the win - hey, that's the same guy!

More blue shoes - note that he's in the lead.

Local hero Metcalf has blue shoes too.

Making good progress on my quest to become the Legend of The Bump.