Saturday, August 29, 2020

2020 SMR 26

 Still smoky, but not nearly as hot today.

A guy in a white T-shirt came through The Gate just before we started up. I figured we'd pass him back before the real climbing started but we didn't see him again until almost Junction - hazzah.

JB stowed his arm warmers under his saddle pack and they fell out somewhere... he found them on the way down.

I dosed up with some Ibuprofen before the ride, anticipating some post-ride back pain, but felt pretty good; tried to not breathe too hard on the way up. JB turned around at Junction because of the smoke.

The foot path around the swing gate at The Wall was opened back up.  They even trimmed the bushes there so it's easier to go through, but I decided not to cyclocross it today, and just walked my bike around.

I talked to a runner at Summit. She told me she had tried to cycle up a while back but couldn't make it past Junction. She was observably very fit, but she said she hadn't been riding long enough to know how to approach a long climb.

On my way out of the Park, a deer jumped out in front of me and I panicked a little bit, then the deer changed his mind and turned back off the road but his hooves were slipping on the pavement and I thought he would fall down in front of me. For a moment I visualized myself, my bike, and the deer all lying in the middle of the road in a tangle while the deer kicked at my head trying to get loose; but nothing happened and then it was all over but the adrenaline rush.

The Summit Runner

Smoky enough that this rider was using a headlight for visibility.

White T-Shirt guy

Foot path around Summit barrier was un-barricaded.

Startled deer almost runs in front of me.

Changed his mind but almost slipped on the pavement.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

2020 WNR 24

The Mountain has been closed or the air has been too smoky to ride for a couple weeks... so when I saw the report for decent air and the announcement that The Park was open, I planned for a big day on the bike.  I decided to do the iconic route called "Every Inch of Diablo".  Up North, Down South, Back Up South to Summit, and then Down North.  My legs were pretty rubbery at the end of all that.

Wildlife Encounter: a single deer.

Roadkill Report: a little bird

The smoke was definitely a factor, but it didn't feel like it was doing any permanent damage. I was on a long ride so I didn't do any intervals or sprints. My regular Wednesday crew decided to stay home, so it was kind of a lonely ride too.

The Upper Summit Lot was closed... WTAF?  I didn't do Every Inch of Diablo to get to the Bottom of The Wall and not continue... but I didn't want Strava to record me in unauthorized territory either... and that's all I'm going to say about that.

This means YOU!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

2020 WNR 23

 Heat wave's coming - me and Charlie went for an early one. We managed to not talk politics.

Residual vertebra fracture pain was almost zero. I even pushed the pace a little at the end.

Wildlife Encounter:  a HORNY TOAD!  

This guy was picking up the traffic sensors.

Saturday, August 08, 2020

2020 SMR 25

Injury recovery update:  a little better than last week.

REALLY nice weather today, light breeze, warm not hot, but a little smoggy.

JB and I both noticed that the traffic counting hoses were gone, but then on the way down there were two or three different places where they had FOUR hoses in a row... I have no idea what that's for... could be a Russian disinformation conspiracy.

At The Wall, I tried to ride through the bypass but didn't make it and sort of fell over into the bush and I actually got BLOOD on my arm... didn't hurt, just embarrassing, but I might stop trying.  I think my success rate is about 65%.

I've seen this guy with the magnesium Zinn a few times before. Interesting bike.

This couple had "his n hers" Pinarellos.  

Hey look at this - my commuter bike helmet has a crack!  I bought this helmet right after my #PelvisCracker incident at the roundabout in 2014... I remember because I cracked the helmet I was wearing at the time. Then a few years ago I bought my MIPS helmet for Diablo rides and rotated this ATMOS down to commuter service. My MIPS helmet is still in really good shape - too soon to put it into commuter service but I found another old helmet with a date sticker from 2004 that I had been keeping around for a loaner or something so I dusted it off and will be using it until I can justify a new Diablo helmet.  I figure 5 years of Diablo rides plus 5 years of commuting is the life span of a helmet... unless it cracks. A 16-year old helmet though is a little dodgy so I'm gonna keep an eye on it.

Here's me in my 2004 helmet in 2008, from this 2008 blog entry: