Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coooo-ho-ho-hold, but no Snow

A mile from home I was already wishing I had my booties on... and figured I'd later be wishing I had my neck gator and ear jock. Fortunately, I thought to bring double gloves.

We were supposed to get a news-worthy blizzard last night, but instead got squat.

OK, this is worth some Belgian Hardman® Points though...

I sent out a request for Diablo Snow photos thinking it was going to be a photo-worthy day, but as noted before, the prognosticators were WRONG!

Anyway, I did get a couple responses:

Blog Reader Curtis sent along this shot taken last weekend from the east side:

Blog Reader Scott sent me these two from last year's snow event.

And Blog Reader Keith sends this one along from last weekend when he hiked up from Junction.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Send Me Your Diablo Snow Photos

Another snow show is expected this weekend - go take your best snap and send it to me and I'll publish it with whatever credentials you'd like to include.

Here's one I took from DVC on Sunday afternoon.

Blog reader Pumpkincycle sent me this one, taken by a friend with a helocopter.

While I'm at it - here's another great website with old time photos and racing history:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Che Bella Montagna

Came down with a really nasty bug last week, and this week the weather has been awful. The rain finally let up over night and exposed the blanket of snow on His Majesty.

Left a rock on the post but JB didn't show.
Drizzled on me most of the way up, it was divine.
Not as many cars as I might have expected... probably the rain was keeping them away.
The snow level was down way below 2000 feet, but there wasn't much accumulation... just a little frosting.
End of the road boys... there will be no Summit runs today.

First snow of the winter, and first poppies of spring on THE SAME DAY - I'm a lucky guy.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

No Fog, Only Wind

JB was late, caught me at Chainbuster.

Nice clear skies, but the wind was not my friend.

A shame that visitors won't get the greatest view in the Bay Area for a while.