Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2008 WNR 14

REMEMBER: South Gate Road will be closed weekdays for the whole month of August.

Man I felt terrible tonight. Too much lunch and too little water (I thought).

Didn't get started until almost 6pm - Adam got a head start and JB's in Hawaii. Started off OK but not real motivated. Felt worse and worse as I went up - people who had no business passing me had no trouble doing so.

It was warm but not oppressive.

Air wasn't too bad either.

The Wednesday night shadows are starting to get LOOOOOOOONG.

Saw Mark A coming down but most people I knew were already gone since I was so late getting started.

Saw Amanda at Big Shady Oak - she was quitting. Finally I made it to the Junction and started to feel a little better.

Here's a compilation photo I made of the fence at the old Turtle Rock Ranch - must be just for show because it's not keeping anything in or out.

When I arrived home I got sick with nausea and diarrhea - yuck! That explains the rotten feeling but I still haven't figured out why... didn't start feeling better until late at night.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gate - Junction - Blackhawk - Jamba

JB's in Hawaii so Rick and I started out alone. We rode together until we saw a whole bunch of riders ahead of us all stretched out over a half mile or so, then Rick took off and passed them all. I did too but it wasn't as impressive of a display.

The air's the best it's been in several weeks but still not great. Also very warm, Rick said even his knees were sweating. I was out of Power Bars so I packed a banana today and it was really good!

There was a sign at the Junction that said South Gate Road will be completely closed (vehicles, bikes, hikers, horses) for paving on WEEKDAYS from August 4 to August 29... that'll affect the after work guys from the Danville side. SGR will be open on weekends and NGR and Summit Road will not be closed at all. Call the hotline for up to date recorded info: 925-837-2525 (4#)

Then we went down to Blackhawk and all those little sprinter hills really toasted me.

Taking photos at mega-MPH is a little tricky.

Banana berry Jamba FTW!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

2008 WNR 13

Very warm tonight. Got a late start but it didn't matter because nobody else was coming.

Finally got the frozen water bottle timing correct - nothing like cold Cytomax on a parched throat.

Actually there was one other rider from work - Amanda got a head start on me and I caught her just before the Junction.

Bugs were a little bad so I didn't hang around too long. Nice decent... my new Vittoria Evo Corsa CG (or something like that) is a really good tire for fast sweeping turns; I was really railing 'em.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bump de Bump

On the way to the Gate this morning, I saw a bicycle chain embedded in some new pavement patching tar so I stopped for a photo.

Except it turned out to be a chain saw chain.

Still an odd thing to find in the pavement. It must have found its way into the kettle and the road crew didn't feel like picking it out. No way it could have fallen in there later and gotten smushed down like that.

I thought I saw JB leaving the Gate just before I got there... but he was still waiting and it was someone else I saw.

Wildlife Encounter: a happy little bunny below the Lower Ranch

It got warmer and warmer as we climbed. JB surged near Son of Chainbuster and I lost contact.

Dudley Driveby: Chainbuster.

Met this cool ol' guy with a Klein at the Junction. Odd assortment of components including Flight Deck, Ritchey crank, Mavic Helilum wheels, etc. He was headed for Dougherty Valley Road and Sunol.

JB wanted to do the Hole but I talked him into the Poppers and back up. Usually I can out sprint him from the South side and today was one of those days.

Also saw blogreader Chris at the Junction, but the hardcore index has definitely taken a tumble since the Death Ride is over.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2008 WNR 12

JB and I started out right on time. It was supposed to be hot but it was hotter than I expected.

Started out strong but by the time I got to the Lower Ranch I was pooped. JB dropped me and a steady string of Diablo Cyclists came around as well before I got my sorry self to the Junction.

Didn't see any Death Ride jerseys, those guys must have had enough.

Sew-up repair review:

Patch stuck and the stitching was adequate.

But there was more of a gouge than I realized (looks much smaller when flat) and the casing was cut as well so the tube was poking out. Had to toss this tubie. I mounted another one that I patched last year but it didn't hold up either. I've got an unused one to mount but didn't have any more glue. Got some more today at Performance ($3 Continental)... Sports Basement doesn't carry any.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lafayette Criterium

No Diablo ride this weekend. Sunday I brought Diablo Daughter to do the kid's race and Rick brought his son too. They both had a lot of fun and we bought them ice cream treats from McDonald's afterwards.

Pre-race nourishment.

Instructions from the officials (and parents)

The breakaway group of two lays down some pain

Winners of the team classification

After the kid's race I stayed around to watch Adam's P-1-2 race... a 7-man group lapped the pack creating all kinds of problems for the other riders and the officials, followed by a crash at the finish involving Adam's team-mate Pete... lots of unhappy people.

Adam's team-mate Pete leads the break on its way to lapping the field. Can't beat that beautiful downtown Lafayette scenery!

Then I rode home from Lafayette and popped my rear tubie on Olympic. It was just after the place where Rossmoor resident (who should have had his license suspended a long time ago) Clyde Brenner with his Cadillac murdered one cyclist and injured her riding buddy (returning to Berkeley after a Diablo ride) waiting for a stoplight last year. There was just a little remnant of a shrine remaining there.

Spare tubular installed on the road, sewing project at home.

Diablo Daughter helped me patch and stitch today's flat. Also we glued on a tire that I had patched last year but it failed at 100 psi so I wasted a half tube of glue and didn't have any more. Had to put the winter clinchers on Eddy for the commute to work tomorrow and shop for some masticce gutta this week.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Gate - Junction - Blackhawk - Jamba

I was just a couple minutes late to the Gate but JB and Rick started without me. I didn't expect to catch them but I did, just before the Bump.

Wildlife Encounter: A black-eared jack rabbit near Arroyo del Cerro Ranch.

JB faded at the Ranger House and then I nipped Rick at the line - but he wasn't really trying.

Saw blog-reader Chris at the Junction and he asked about his photo from the time trial - I didn't recognize his photo at the time but here it is now.

Rick leads JB through a SGR switchback

Dudley Driveby: At the Junction - camping shorts, jacket, and backpack.

Rick and I decided to do Blackhawk but JB turned off at the Hole.

On Tasajara as we were approaching an intersection with a green light, Rick said something about a sprint. I was on the outside and when I looked over I saw a large FedEx truck getting ready to pass us - I figured Rick wanted to draft it so I let loose with a killer acceleration and caught the thing and followed it for a couple minutes at 40+ mph... got some funny looks from the other traffic but it was fun. Rick just missed the sweet spot but caught up to me after the truck turned off.

I felt pretty good but I had no out-of-saddle legs... every time we came to a hill sprint I just rubberized.

Banana-berry Jamba with immunity booster FTW.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

2008 WNR 11

Me, JB, and Adam.

Warm and mild breeze.
The air is MUCH nicer tonight than it's been in a week and a half.

I'm really liking my new handlebars - TTT Prima 199, I could just never find a comfortable position on the drops of my Deda 215.

Wildlife Encounter: A coyote near Son of Chainbuster on the way down.

My picks for the Tour: Valverde, Evans, Sastre.