Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011 WNR 01

All the crappy weather of the last few weeks is over and tonight was warm and windy.

I'm not in my groove though so I forgot my HRM and floor pump at home and my camera in my truck... so you get a photo of my bike in my truck:

Wildlife Encounter: Jackrabbit at the Loading Dock

Also, Grape Cytomax is some good stuff, but if you don't get it mixed up really well, the undissolved powder looks like green mold growing on the inside of your water bottle.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Another beautiful morning on the best Mountain in the world for cycling.

Wildlife Encounter: Coyote at Son of Chainbuster.

Check out my new YouTube channel (link in sidebar) - I've been uploading some old racing footage from VHS tapes. The Vimeo page is videos of me and my rides, but the YouTube channel is stuff I recorded off the TV. Lots more to come - subscribe and thumb me up!

Sunday, March 06, 2011


Wow, great weather this morning. Could have done it without a jacket. Big change from last week.

No JB at the Gate so I went up alone.

Wildlife Encounter: Bunny below Bump

Then at Junction I went looking for a new viewpoint for a photo...

When suddenly... THAT GUY came down and I managed to trip the shutter on him...

He looked at me like "what are you looking at?"

Then I started down and happened upon JB at the Ranger House so I went back up. Also talked to BlogReader Keith for a while up there. There were some other guys there and we discussed the GoPro HD video camera because I thought one of them had a helmet mount for one... it just was for a light but he knew some interesting stuff about the company.

Somehow though, I can't believe there're that many people out there interested in watching crotch eye views of pigeon-toed cross-chainers like this pissant...

That dude's hit count will probably triple when my legions of readers click on that video.