Saturday, December 28, 2019

2019 SMR 43

Well that's it for year 2019, except maybe a commute or two.  Forty-three Saturday Morning Rides - I checked and last year I had 48, but I didn't have any centuries in there so that accounts for a few of the missed ones.  And I only had 16 Wednesday Night Rides last year compared to 36 this year... and a lot of those were double Junctions.  So I'm calling 2019 a great success and a springboard for an even greater 2020.  My New Year's wishes for the same to all of my readers.

JB's in San Diego to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes kick butt in the Holiday Bowl last night.  So when I left home this morning I had visions of doing something epic and different, like going down SGR and then up to Summit.  By the time I got to Junction though, the vision had faded.

Just before I got to Junction, two runners passed me.  They looked like super-elite cross-country types, and they had a vehicle leader that stopped to photograph them at several places. I checked my Strava FlyBys and they have photos with medals and trophies and stuff - so good on them for passing me... and I didn't make it easy for them; I noticed them back there with about a mile an a half to go so I picked it up a little, but by Chainbuster I knew it was futile to resist.  They took a break at Junction but continued running up to Summit.  Quite impressive.

I enjoyed my cycling-related X-mas gifts on today's ride too.  New tights, a warm beanie, and Chamois Butt'r;  I'd been kind of conserving the last of my previous tube but now I'm going to splash out and enjoy some luxurious lubrication.

At Summit I talked to a guy from San Diego who was here visiting his wife's family with his 7-week old son.

Colonel Al says there's another Eagle Scout that wants to do a Bike Repair Station at Juniper.

One guy passed me on the descent; near the ZigZag - I think he was behind me for a while and I didn't notice, but as soon as he came around he slowed down.  I stayed behind for a while but then passed him right back after Moss Landing.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

2019 SMR 42

Hardly saw anybody on the way to Junction.  Then there were a few more people on Summit Road.  Then there were lots of people coming up after 10am while I was descending.

Nice weather - storm's coming tonight but it was mostly calm, not too cold, and the fog was down low.

Everyone's got plans next Saturday - I plan to do Diablo.

JB says I need to clean and lube my chain... he's probably right.

This guy had a Triple Crown jersey.

Wishing the jingliest to all my fans!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

2019 WNR 36

Well the word went out on the messaging apps, and only me and Charlie confirmed. There was supposed to be a window of decent weather right about ride time, but it disintegrated.  I figured I didn't need my rain jacket for just sprinkles and I really was dressed just fine, but by the time we got up to Junction and back to The Church, we were good and soaked.

Only saw ONE other rider on The Mountain.  He posted on a comment on my Strava post that we were the only TWO he saw also.

Some places were really windy too - Charlie said it might've been the toughest ride up The Bump ever. 

I declared  a DiabloScott Misery Index of 1 out of 10. 

I was generally feeling very festive and hung an extra jingle bell from my saddle.

Wildlife Encounter:  BOBCAT at Moss Landing... that was really cool.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

2019 SMR 41

Iconic December Diablo ride.  JB and I didn't see any other riders at all on the way to Junction. 
The Mountain started to populate with cyclists after that though.

At Juniper there was a guy taking a photo of his girlfriend in front of his new red sports car... at least that's the story I imagined.  He was probably hoping for a better background but it was really foggy.  
Above Juniper it was cold, foggy, windy, and sunny... at various spots.

Diablo Shoutout to Deadhead Mike.  Other Saturday Morning Regulars included Samer, Dudley, and Sergeant Slow-Descender.  Didn't see Tuck though.


Wednesday, December 11, 2019

2019 WNR 35

Today was a 10 on the DiabloScott Fog Index; at least for the first 1000 feet of elevation.  Above The Washout though it cleared up instantly, making for a wonderfully interesting ride.  Got drizzled on just a little. We all stopped and adjusted our cold weather gear and finished the ride to Junction in the clear... although it was overcast and not sunny. 

Coming down was also interesting because visibility instantly went from "fine" to "almost zero".

No flats, no mechanical problems, no bad drivers... it was some good riding.  We decided to do it again next week.