Saturday, September 18, 2021

Saturday Morning Junction

Today is the last Saturday of Summer.  CJ and JB are both out of town on vacation. I started from The Church at 0830. I've been thinking I should do something more than Junction just to show continued progress, but then when I get to Junction, I talk myself out of it. So today was a medium-hard effort, lots of out of saddle pedaling, went pretty high on the aerobic range but not much further.

A little cool with chance of rain - I did feel a little drizzle... arm warmers would've been nice but I wasn't uncomfortable. I have a sore behind my knee where my compression sleeve rubs so I have to figure out some way to protect that spot. 

Wildlife Encounter: turkeys and deer

Tarantula tally: one.  I wouldn't have seen it except there were three guys checking him out close.

Evaluating myself after the ride - I think driving to The Church and riding to The Junction will be my routine for a while, going harder when I feel good. It just seems like more of the same would yield better knee recovery than doing more than I think I should and paying the price after. I also reserve the right to change my mind at any time... so win-win.

Tarantula hunters get the pay off.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Wednesday Junction

OK, three consecutive Wednesdays... getting back to normal.

Charlie and JB are away on vacations. I checked with Shawn because I still haven't seen his new bike but we couldn't find a time that worked for both of us. So it was a solo ride.

And I had my first post-patella fracture sub-60  Junction time so that was very good result. I did a lot of standing and dancing on the pedals, and it didn't hurt too much and it had some power behind it, but it was still pretty clumsy. I even threw my chain off the crank once and had to dismount to get it back on and I still had a minute and a half cushion.

Passedem-Passedme ratio = 0/6  but one guy was on an ebike.

On the way down, the sun was in my eyes and I had to take it ultra careful... just like every year about this time, except this year I am double secret careful because PATELLA.

Lots of friendly riders tonight, I didn't know any of them.

Wildlife Encounter: deer on The Approach

The Air Quality is... not great.

eBike Guy

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Saturday Junction

 Nice today; clean air, no wind, and warm. I got a late start because why not. There were tons of riders out today - too many to include all the photos.

On the knee surgery recovery topic, I forced myself to climb out of the saddle for a full minute or so in each of the six segment splits... it still hurts, but it's getting better. Still haven't had a sub-60 Junction since the injury... I'm hoping that's not too far from now.

No wildlife, no roadkill, no tarantellas.

A guy with a vintage steel Ciocc passed me with a classic bike smile and pointed at his sew-up under his saddle... couldn't find it in my video, but that was cool.

The water thing at Junction is still on - might be the only one on The Mountain that's still working.

My SPD cleats on my shoes were getting loose and I could tell... tightened 'em up when I got home.

At least I'm better than THOSE guys!

Cal Jersey Autoblog

Cal Jersey Autoblog

This guy with the Amgen climber's jersey must've been doing repeats or intervals... I'm gonna say only the first time he passed me counts.

Is that a small-wheel Hamilton?

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Wednesday Junction PPFD8

I put out a feeler to our gang last night and said I was available any time before 1PM because HOT. Charlie said 0930 and I said yes but nobody else did, so it was just us two.

My knee's been feeling good in the sense that it doesn't hurt too much, but not good in the sense of feeling normal, still seems lumpy and unstable. But I was able to do quite a bit of out-of-the-saddle riding today - even in some of the harder bits. And I was comfortable enough to put in what I thought was a pretty good effort, even though the numbers say otherwise.

Tarantella Tally: one corpse, thought I got a photo but couldn't find it.

So I was pretty much used up when I got to the Junction. Charlie took a few photos and I met Diablo Legend Scott Copper another one of those people whose name I see a lot in my Strava because we know a lot of the same people and yet we hadn't met each other until today.

It got hot a little sooner than I was expecting and it was about 33°C by 1030 so I didn't stick around long, and Charlie went around SGR for a loop.

Intermediate goals in my attempt for total knee recovery:

  1. Junction sub 60.
  2. Juniper.
  3. Summit.
  4. Summit riding from home.
  5. Summit riding from home on my KLEIN
My Klein has bigger low gears and different pedals that are a little harder to get into, so I've still been riding Eddy with the Koppenberg Kassette and the SPD pedals. Which is fine, because he's a good ride, just not as zippy.

Saturday, September 04, 2021

Saturday Morning Junction: #7 since patella fracture

Long weekend.

Felt pretty good.

Air wasn't too bad

JB withdrew.

9am start.

Wildlife Encounter:  three young deers on The Approach... one of them had these tiny little antlers, very cute.

It has now been EIGHT MONTHS since my patella fracture. One of the things I've had the hardest time with is climbing out of the saddle; I just haven't been able to get my bad leg over the top of the stroke.  Today I really worked on that and was able to do about 10 revolutions multiple times while standing -  even during the harder bits... this is a serious milestone accomplished. 

I was thinking of going to Juniper today for another milestone to check off but at Mile 3 I was on a sub 60m pace to Junction and I thought that would be a BETTER milestone. Last Wednesday was my best since the fracture and that was 70 minutes, so I was going well. Not too much pain, but not too much fitness either and I missed my sub 60 by 57 seconds.

I'm volunteered for The Mount Diablo Challenge again this year, so watch for my red pickup and it will be my honor to drive your backpack to the top.

It's Jean and Michellin!

On the loss of fitness subject, notice that roll of flab between my shorts and my compression sleeve... UNSAT! More training is prescribed. Alternatively... longer shorts for more coverage.