Saturday, December 04, 2021

Saturday Morning Junction

Me and JB. We talked about school shootings and booster shots.

It was cool and foggy and I forgot my gloves. No tights or jacket either, just arm warmers... it was OK.

Diablo Shoutout to BlogReader  DOYLE and his wife Tere.

No roadkill, no oddballs, no wildlife. Did see a helicopter though.

At Junction I talked to a guy who was surprised that I was the original owner of my bike... and I thought... yeah almost 30 years; I guess that's more unusual than I imagined. Then we talked about road biking in the 80's... we could've talked a long time.

I still haven't ridden above Junction since the patella fracture in January. It's probably about time to at least think about it. Especially now that I am the FREAKING LEGEND OF ALL TIME (FLOAT) ON THE BUMP SEGMENT!

I used to could climb out of the saddle with suplesse like this guy... hope those days will return.


This is my turnaround spot for Bump repeats.

Fog thinned out at 2,000 ft.

DiabloScott:  FLOAT!!!

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