Saturday, February 22, 2014

2014 SMR 08

Nice and sunny today... stiff winds in some parts.

Regular Rider Recognitions:  Dudley, Tuck, Keith, and Ernie.

Grass is green.  Poppies are popping.  The drought will take care of that soon enough.

Triathlon guy with mail-order bike and water bottle in 
his aerobars decides to pass me near the old nursery.

Triathlon guy with mail-order bike and water bottle in 
his aerobars decides to stop on the Bump for an adjustment
or something as we pass him back... snork.  

Had a great sprint up the Dips, but the Contour corrupted the file... sometimes that's so disappointing.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

2014 SMR 07

Kind of gray and overcast today, but not too cold so I only needed a windbreaker and short finger gloves!

Wildlife Encounter:  deer and turkeys in Split 1

JB said much more rain and some of those burned areas would erode pretty bad.  I said that would be a bad thing because the Mountain would get flatter.

They're all done at the Lower Summit picnic area...
bathrooms look nice too.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

2014 SMR 06

I was ready for the rain today. But by the time I got to Junction my motivation to continue had completely left me.

Roadkill Report: Big old bloated bull frog... belly up, not squished or anything; looked like he went peacefully.

Wildlife Encounter:  Whole family of deer at the bottom of the Bump.

Didn't see any other riders until I was on my way down there were a few coming up.

Lots of tree branches and rocks and stuff in the road, sounded like a few trees were nearly ready to fall over as well.  Also seems like the road is starting to sink in quite a few places.

In honor of Lincoln's birthday, black history month, and the Sochi Olympics... I made a video.

Drought Is Over from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

2014 SMR 05

Turned out to be a lot colder than I thought it was going to be - I tried to put on some ChapStick at the Gate, but when I pulled off the cap the whole glob of frozen waxy stuff fell out onto the ground.  Things had warmed up by Junction.

Lots of SUVs full of Boy Scouts or something kind of detracted from experiencing nature.

Roadkill Report:  Raccoon on Walnut... looked like he'd been there since the rain showers the other day.

I scoped out a place to watch the Amgen Tour of California come up in May - still a secret, but it will require a little hiking.  Not guaranteed to get me on international TV, but if it works, it'll be a great shot.

Bottom of my downtube is crusted up with Cytomax and Perpetuem dribbles... probably not very aerodynamic.

Below the Gate, Chris from Berkeley (who's been riding Diablo longer than ME!) caught up to me and asked about my Contour - so this is for you buddy:

February from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.

More of my Contour videos HERE