Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Wednesday Night Ride: Junction #5 since broken knee

Smoky from far away fires; visibility was not great and my eyes stung a little bit, but breathing was OK.

Saw an echelon of turkey vultures dining on some kind of carcass near the Loading Dock.

Forgot to wear my knee sleeve... it wasn't necessary but it would've felt better with it on.

Passed-em-Passed-me ratio =  0:0.

Hoping to see some friends on The Mountain, but nobody showed up... probably because of the air quality.

I still have to stop for stretching and rest, but it's getting better.  I decided to take a couple shorter breaks rather than ride until I HAD to stop for a long break... that worked out pretty well too.  

Wildlife Encounter: deer at Junction.  They were probably happy they don't live in a wildfire county.

For some reason, Blogger keeps re-sorting my photos so they're in reverse order and I can't figure out how to hack it to do it the way I want, and it's too much work to do it myself... so if you object, you must also tell me the secret to un-resort.  I suspect most people who bother to click on my blog just want to know if they've achieved celebrity status by getting their own photo memorialized right here. 

That is the sun!


Saturday, August 14, 2021

Saturday Morning Junction #4 since broken knee.

I should've ridden last Saturday, but the air quality was bad.

Should've ridden Wednesday, but it was too hot.

No excuses today. Solo to Junction, perfect weather; no wind, acceptable air. I had physical therapy yesterday so my knee workout was still talking to me. Felt good though pretty much, had to stop for one stretch break. I could feel myself getting a tiny bit stronger and a tiny bit fitter.

Passed-em:Passed-me ratio = 0:4... but two of them were on eBikes.

Pretty quiet on the way up, then at Junction there were dozens of people... a lot of them were MTBers I guess. 

Vuelta Leader's Jersey because VUELTA!  This is where I stopped for a stretch.

Wednesday, August 04, 2021

WNR Junction #3 Since Patella Fracture

I was really looking forward to today.  Not too hot, knee's feeling OK, Charlie's coming with me. I had physical therapy in the morning and they worked me pretty good but I didn't feel tired... at first. 

It got a little hotter than I was expecting, and I was more tired than I was expecting, and I had to stop THREE times for stretch/rest breaks. Charlie was a good sport and rode easy but was still faster than me so he had to circle back a couple times. The knee didn't hurt too much, but it doesn't work quite right either so I get sore and achy in the back and neck.

Wildlife Encounter: deer and bobcat... I didn't see them but Charlie did so that counts.

There was an announcement about road work - sorely needed, and we saw them doing some general repair work.  There was also a recent announcement that the State has approved funding for the bike turnout lanes so that will soon be a reality.  LINK

Assuming the fastest way to get back to normal is to RIDE MORE, I'll start prepping for my next Junction... maybe Saturday?

Happy birthday to Diablo Brother, who's had some knee injuries of his own.

Diablo Shoutout to Meneer Knaven!

Road work on NGR!  Apparently this is for another "don't pass around blind turns" sign.

Cal Jersey autoblog