Saturday, November 25, 2023

2023 Diablo Day 57 - Saturday Morning Juniper

Thanksgiving is over... no more stalling. I got the winter bike ready. I glued those new tubular tires on, did some general tuning up, and put on new bar tape. As far as I can remember, this is the first time I've had anything but WHITE handlebar tape on my Eddy Merckx. This was quite a mental obstacle to overcome, but with new tires, and new black bottle cages I took a risk and went whole hog on the black trimmings.

1. These tires are every bit of 28mm wide - the max that will fit in my frame. I had to install the rear wheel with no air in the tire to get it through the brakes, but no rubbing once I did.

2. I really like the tread pattern and latex innertubes.

3. I'm not sure the tan sidewalls are the best fashion for my bike, but they're definitely old school.

4. Reportedly 325g each, so markedly more than my Vittoria Pave at 275g. I don't ride sew-ups for the light weight, but you do notice this extra rotating mass.

5. Good and straight with no lumps, easy to install.

6. Very nice rolling tires, they feel especially good around all the switchbacks. I expect riding some wet riding surfaces, so a little extra contact patch will be welcome.


Today's ride:

There was a FROST warning for the early hours. JB DM'ed me that he had a lame excuse and wouldn't be coming. So I started out a little later than usual and figured I'd do an easy pace and add some extra climbing.

Not many people at Junction to talk to, so I headed up to Juniper feeling OK. Stopped again at Junction on the way down when Rick rode in from the South so we talked a while.

On the way home my legs were feeling quite a bit more rubbery than usual up the short climbs - so my endurance is down, my speed is down, and my strength is down... if I call it a recovery period that means I should be peaking by spring! Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'll have a New Year Summit for the first time since my patella fracture.

Tubular Bells

Lots of fall colors


I should pay more attention to where
the light's coming from before I selfie.

I like this look, but it almost seems like a different bike.

Roadkill Raccoon

Sunday, November 12, 2023

2023 Diablo Day 56 - Saturday Morning Junction Junction

Up SGR, down NGR to meet JB and double Junction. Nice lighting for photos today.

Still don't have the sew-ups glued on, definitely tomorrow. This good weather isn't going to last much longer.

JB was a little ahead of schedule so I met up with him a little higher than the Rock Baskets and didn't get my full segment. Tights and windbreaker seem to slow me down some.

Saw Kasters at Junction - he said he got sick, lost his sense of smell and taste, had a fever for a few days, but swears it's not COVID... or brain fog.

No chance of sticking with these two.

These folks had a head start on me and I was using them to gauge my effort, and then they just stopped.

Dear whoever tells people to park their bikes upside down -
that's a real cruel prank.

Boy I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing knee-high stockings on a cyclist. Maybe this is another conspiracy by Big Sock to sell more stuff. I'll bet they're expensive too... but I'm not gonna check.

Saturday, November 04, 2023

2023 Diablo Day 55 - Saturday Morning Junction. SGR plus Rock Basket Kicker

Last ride of DST 2023. Maybe when the clocks turn back I'll get faster! I was a little over-dressed because it warmed up fast - but I don't need to freeze my water bottles any more.

I like my new routine of going up SGR, hanging around for a while, and then riding down NGR to meet JB and come back up. I get more miles, a thousand more vertical feet, and more buddy time. Plus I can go as hard as I want going up the south side and still be faster than JB for the finish.

No wildlife and no roadkill and no tarantulas today. There was chatter about rain but that never materialized. Winter's coming though, and I've gotta get my winter bike in shape.

At my second Junction, Rick (who just got back from Greece) and some buddies rolled in and we chatted for a while, that was nice.

This is that cool rock wall they put on across from the Rock Baskets.

This is where I like to crack and stretch my back.

This guy tried to stay with me as I passed - HA!