Sunday, November 12, 2023

2023 Diablo Day 56 - Saturday Morning Junction Junction

Up SGR, down NGR to meet JB and double Junction. Nice lighting for photos today.

Still don't have the sew-ups glued on, definitely tomorrow. This good weather isn't going to last much longer.

JB was a little ahead of schedule so I met up with him a little higher than the Rock Baskets and didn't get my full segment. Tights and windbreaker seem to slow me down some.

Saw Kasters at Junction - he said he got sick, lost his sense of smell and taste, had a fever for a few days, but swears it's not COVID... or brain fog.

No chance of sticking with these two.

These folks had a head start on me and I was using them to gauge my effort, and then they just stopped.

Dear whoever tells people to park their bikes upside down -
that's a real cruel prank.

Boy I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing knee-high stockings on a cyclist. Maybe this is another conspiracy by Big Sock to sell more stuff. I'll bet they're expensive too... but I'm not gonna check.

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