Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gate - Junction - Kiosk - Toyon - Junction - Gate

Met JB at the Gate, no Peter

I've been really tired all week, not sure why... JB quoted a Geritol line about "iron poor blood".

Roadkill Observation: A bunny... fresh and gory; vultures hadn't found it yet.

Absolutely beautiful weather, warming up fast. We were surprised there weren't many riders.

At the Junction a lot of people rode in... they just like to start a little later I guess.

JB went home and I went down SGR to the Kiosk and back up.

Then I started up Summit Road and got to Toyon when JB called me and said a couple friends were on their way up so I turned down to meet them at Junction.

By now there were dozens of cyclists gathering.

Somebody left an innertube on a signpost at the bottom of The Bump so I picked it up - it was a Slime tube and didn't seem to have any damage so I brought it home for a commute tire.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Ride of Spring

Not quite shorts and bare arms weather but I'm not complaining.

Too many house chores to do a long ride though.

Me, Peter, and JB.

There was a loose bull before the dips, but he paid us no nevermind. JB told a story about riding through a herd of buffalo in South Dakota once. Then we theorized on the biomechanics of bike rider - bovine collisons for a while.

Poppies and other wildflowers are everywhere.

Regularly scheduled Treat Overpass photo:

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gate - Junction - Juniper - Hole

Cold and clear this morning after raining most of yesterday.

Rick needed an easy day since he's racing tomorrow, so just a leisurely Summit for him.

JB and I turned around at Juniper. Great views today! I don't ever remember such a clear shot of The City.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Junction and Around

Waiting at the Gate, Dolan and Terry, a couple from the Club, showed up so I started with them. We got about a mile before they announced they were training for the Death Ride. Dolan took off and Terry lagged a bit and I was caught in the envelope of hell.

Ranger Carl warned that there was a washed out section of road just below the Upper Washout... turned out to be no big deal but if they can keep the heavy vehicles out of that lane it'll last a lot longer.

I stopped at Junction but Dolan had already gone up Summit Road.
Then JB and Peter showed up. JB and I went down SGR and back around. Update: the curb on Green Valley Road that bordered the too-narrow bike lane has now been completely removed.
Treat Overpass update photos:

Saw this nice Klein at my health club Friday. Looks like a dedicated criterium machine from the early '90's.

Blog reader BayBruin contacted me about my Bike Friday tandem. His son is autistic and too big for the trailercycle but we thought a tandem like mine would work out so they came over for a test ride. Judging from the big smiles they'll be ordering one soon.