Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2016 WNR 03

FIVE guys from work tonight... including Justin, who has been riding for a while but has upped his game to include The Mountain... He appeared to enjoy himself, I prophesize he'll become a Wednesday Night Regular.
Why yes... I am sucking your wheel and putting out half the power you are 
so I can outsprint you at Junction.

I choose this location to unleash 
my furious sprint for the win

End of Ride Group Selfie

Saturday, March 26, 2016

2016 SMR 09

Windbreaker weather... really nice.

Hari joined us again... hardly any arm-twisting.

Wildlife Encounter:  two turkeys, a tom in full display

Wildlife Encounter:  a young, solitary deer

At Junction, we connected with Al again.  He said MDSP has given the "Mount Diablo Cyclists" their own window in the shack... so look for announcements and other info there... right above the bike rack.

Al rode with us up to Summit, and we discussed more about plans for safety improvements.

If you're on facebook and haven't joined Al's MOUNT DIABLO CYCLISTS, group, you should go check it out.

He says literally everyone is on-board with the basic ideas, there are some specific ideas that are still being refined, and then of course there are funding issues.

Then right on cue, some dumbass in an SUV makes a dangerous blind curve pass.  Al's trying to get MDSP to send warning letters to these guys... I sent him my video of the incident for effect, a still shot of the license plate, and a statement to include with his request.

I don't think the driver had any idea how close this was to being a collision.  Good move on the cyclist's part... I think he heard us shouting (obscenities).

If you're going to get a flat tire, the best place for it to happen is when you're almost home and can ride in without fixing it.  I took the opportunity also to wipe down the rim and spokes.

I decided my Strava Climbing Trophy was a little too boring, so I spiced it up:

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

2016 WNR 02

Nice and warm and I felt GOOD.  I pegged my heart rate at Zone 4.9 and left it there.

We've got a pack of riders who really go for it on Wednesday nights.  Everybody attacked at the Gate.

Wildlife Encounter:  Two jackrabbits at Arroyo Del Cerro

Summit rides are about 1150 meters, 
Junction rides are about 600 meters,
And 4500 meters for the month will earn me a cool poker-chip award from Strava.
Should clinch this one on Saturday - don't miss it!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

2016 SMR 08

It's been two years since my broken pelvis crash.  In honor of the anniversary I rode the same clothes.
Hari came again.  That's commitment coming from Berkeley to be at the Gate at Eight.

Last weekend of winter - I decided it's time to start riding the Klein again.  Took him off the hooks last night and he didn't need any adjustments or anything.  Tires were firm enough that I knew I didn't have a slow leak.  Pumped them up and I was ready.

Go Bears!  Cal Jerseys always get a Diablo Shoutout.

Colonel Al rode with JB and me up to the Summit and discussed the plans and schedule for safety improvements.

Wildlife Enounter:  1 deer and 1 jackrabbit.

So many poppies...
but you'll probably have to zoom in to see them.

Roadkill Report:  bullfrog... belly up.

Felt good to be riding in shorts on my fair weather bike.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

2016 WNR 01

Six of us from work tonight.  Great weather, warm and calm.  Probably the last ride of the year on my Merckx... Winter's over, and I punctured my tubular...unless we get a rainy Saturday or Wednesday, time to take the Klein down off the hooks.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

2016 SMR 07

36°F at The Summit this morning.

Only the hardiest of cyclists and a few crazies were riding today.

Special guest riders:  Dan and Steve

Steve entertained us with jokes and stories, and not breathing hard.

Dan skipped the Junction rest stop.

Fog got pretty thick near Juniper, then it got windy too.

JB turned around at Juniper, didn't like the cold.

My new fitness monitor provided this fascinating chart.
No surprises.  Diablo regulars can probably match up the
 heart rate to the terrain.  (Home to Summit to Home)