Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 SMR 43


Missed THREE Saturdays in a row.  One for being out of town and two for weather.  Barely made today because of a bad chest cold that's been keeping me from doing lots of stuff.  Not sure where JB is today, so I rocked the post and rode.

Rear tire started to go soft after The Gate.  I pretended it would be OK until I got to Dumpster Gate and then topped it off with my frame pump.  I was prepared with a spare sew-up, but I glue my tires on REALLY well so I didn't want to change it on the road if I could make it work.  Lasted about 20 minutes and I had to top off again on The Bump.  Then again at The Upper Ranch, and while I was there, JB caught up to me.  We rode to Junction together but I told him I was going to turn around and he didn't want to stop and get cold.

Didn't see my first other rider until The Retaining Wall...  he was too cold to wave.

I'm happy to report that they replaced the floor pump at the eagle scout box with one that really works - I pumped my rear up to 130 psig hoping to make it all the way home without another stop.  Didn't work but I made it all the way off The Mountain at least.

2016 Diablo Data:

NGR:  72 times
SGR:   01 time
Summit Road:  31 times

Passed-me #1

Saturday, December 03, 2016

2016 SMR 42

Cold and dry this morning.  Clear blue sky.

Wildlife Encounter:  Pack of deer at Little Pine Creek.  Full gallop, very impressive.

I think this guy in the shorts is Flemish.

I started to get that knee cap pain at the Ranger House... it comes on fast and when it does it only hurts on the downstroke when I'm putting pressure on it, but that makes climbing pretty difficult.  Never lasts too long, but I turned around at Junction.

I think it's this:

Patellofemoral pain is the medical term used when pain occurs at the front of the knee, around the kneecap (patella), without signs of any damage or other problems in the knee joint. It is also called patellofemoral pain syndrome, patellofemoral syndrome or anterior knee pain.

Berkeley guy admires my bike... auto blog photo.

JB's gone next week, and I'm gone the week after that.

Wildlife Encounter:  Coyote at Moss Landing.  

He was really cute and curious.