Saturday, July 31, 2010


No JB. I rocked the post.

Got to Moss Landing and wow...

Wildlife Encounter: Bobcat at Little Pine Creek Trail

My first thought was, "is that a mountain lion?". And my second thought was, "you don't see mountain lions... they see you." But it was definitely the biggest bobcat I've ever seen. He saw me too and crouched behind some weeds for a while. I stopped and waited for him to walk away so I could get a better photo.

Which I kinda got.

Surprisingly cold and windy at the bottom, got much nicer above a thousand feet.

Went right past Junction, took a break at Toyon, and then went to Juniper.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010 WNR 11

Very enjoyable, ordinary ride tonight. Then Blog Reader Ward came zooming by. First he passed me, then he passed along these photos. He must have a fast shutter because I'm pretty sure I should be blurrier here.

Space time was warping in his wake.
Blog reader Joe wrote me asking if I might know anyone who would like to buy his "near mint" Klein USPS Masters Team Quantum Pro XX. Well, do I? I told him about $1200 would be a good deal. It's in Texas.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Got to the Gate a little early so did some stretching, then figured I'd start up so as I went to put a rock on the post, I see there's already one there... wasn't sure if JB had gone up or if it was leftover.

Then about 20 riders went by and it looked like I was faster than most of them so I gave them a head start with the thought of running up the score on my passing ratio. It was a little harder than I thought but I managed to pick off about 8 of them.

Sure enough, JB was waiting at the Junction. We talked a bit and then he went home and I went down SGR to the Kiosk. Dozens of riders hanging out there, must not be any big organized rides today.

Wildlife Encounter: One jackrabbit and a bunch of turkeys on North Gate, and a coyote on South Gate.

On the way back down NGR, right in front of me, a squirrel fell out of a tree onto the road. He injured himself pretty bad and couldn't get up... he just squirmed around waiting for a car to run over him I guess.
And then at the residential area below the Gate I saw a loose Chihuahua that looked like a stray - I tried to catch him to check for tags but he ran away.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010 WNR 10

Not a bad moon rising.

JB was late to the Gate. Played dog and rabbit with a couple guys and that was fun.

It was pretty windy but still managed a sub-shameful time.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quickie Junc Run

Met JB at the Gate. Warm and windy. We both had stuff to do today so Junction was the end.

On the way home on San Carlos I looked down and saw something stuck to my front tire - I envisioned myself doing a sew-up style tire wipe with my left hand, knocking out a goat head, and then hearing that PSSST PSSST PSSST and then fixing a flat. And then it all happened just as in my prophecy. Now I'm envisioning winning the lottery.

Treat Blvd was closed again over night - I think they're pouring concrete in the trays or something. Getting really close to completion now.

You don't really notice how much the bridge curves when you see it from street level.

Later, me and Diablo Daughter went to the grand opening of the new Walnut Creek Library - super nice! The bike racks were full too... we had to lock the tandem to a light pole.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2010 WNR 09

Wildlife Encounter: Three small deers near Wunderbar. Only one stopped to pose.

Hot today - I made a mental note not to melt my sew up glue and Beloki the descent... then I remembered I wasn't riding my sew ups.

Wildlife Encounter: Two jackrabbits at the Loading Dock.

On my way back down I came upon a group of about 20 riders on their ways up. Must have been TnT or something.

Earlier this week I offered some promotional suggestions to the organizers of the Best Buddies Challenge and they sent me a free event jersey! The ride is a charity event for a group that's sort of like Big Brothers for kids and teens with developmental disabilities. Here's the link to the ride LINK. The 100 mile route is a point to point ride from Carmel to San Simeon, comes with a massage, BBQ, concert, and shuttles back to the start. It's also interesting because they have a relatively low maximum participant restriction, and the highest minimum donation number I've ever seen. It's either an amazingly fun event or an amazingly worthwhile cause, or both, and they've already raised more than $2million just from this event (they have others around the country. Bonus: raffle prizes include megabuck bikes and there will be several celebrity participants. Here's the jersey I won.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


The Death Ride is today, so only we weenies were on the Mountain.
Livestrong San Jose is also today.
Seattle to Portland is next weekend... there goes my consecutive streak of one.
JB's on vacation so I gave myself an extra half hour before starting. It was already pretty warm... frozen Cytomax thawed right on schedule.

So, didn't push too hard to Junction, then went to Juniper.

Wildlife Encounter: SNAKE! This guy was half hiding under the outhouse at Juniper... didn't see him until I was within striking distance. Looks like a pit viper head... I contemplated throwing some pebbles at him(1) to see if he'd rattle, then thought better of it. He didn't mind a few photos from a safe distance though.

(1) - I didn't check "his" gender either.

And then on to the Summit.

Diablo Spy Cam!

On the way home I stopped at Sports Basement because they were having a bone marrow registry drive I filled out a health questionaire and swabbed my cheeks with Q-tips and someday, if I'm lucky, I'll have the opportunity to donate marrow and save the life of someone with leukemia or something... easier than Team in Training! I guess now I just sit around and wait for my perfect marrow match to get sick.
Bonus! $10 gift card to Sports Basement.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

2010 WNR 08

Got a late start tonight... nobody to slow down.

Roadkill Report: rodentus nonidentificatus

Great weather and I did a pretty decent time.
Wildlife Encounter: coyote near Lower Ranch