Saturday, July 10, 2010


The Death Ride is today, so only we weenies were on the Mountain.
Livestrong San Jose is also today.
Seattle to Portland is next weekend... there goes my consecutive streak of one.
JB's on vacation so I gave myself an extra half hour before starting. It was already pretty warm... frozen Cytomax thawed right on schedule.

So, didn't push too hard to Junction, then went to Juniper.

Wildlife Encounter: SNAKE! This guy was half hiding under the outhouse at Juniper... didn't see him until I was within striking distance. Looks like a pit viper head... I contemplated throwing some pebbles at him(1) to see if he'd rattle, then thought better of it. He didn't mind a few photos from a safe distance though.

(1) - I didn't check "his" gender either.

And then on to the Summit.

Diablo Spy Cam!

On the way home I stopped at Sports Basement because they were having a bone marrow registry drive I filled out a health questionaire and swabbed my cheeks with Q-tips and someday, if I'm lucky, I'll have the opportunity to donate marrow and save the life of someone with leukemia or something... easier than Team in Training! I guess now I just sit around and wait for my perfect marrow match to get sick.
Bonus! $10 gift card to Sports Basement.

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Anonymous said...

Snake! Thanks for the pic. A vivid example that those critters are out and about, and reminder to watch one's step. The Juniper pit stop shows that us roadies need to be aware, not just the dirt riders.