Saturday, July 24, 2010


Got to the Gate a little early so did some stretching, then figured I'd start up so as I went to put a rock on the post, I see there's already one there... wasn't sure if JB had gone up or if it was leftover.

Then about 20 riders went by and it looked like I was faster than most of them so I gave them a head start with the thought of running up the score on my passing ratio. It was a little harder than I thought but I managed to pick off about 8 of them.

Sure enough, JB was waiting at the Junction. We talked a bit and then he went home and I went down SGR to the Kiosk. Dozens of riders hanging out there, must not be any big organized rides today.

Wildlife Encounter: One jackrabbit and a bunch of turkeys on North Gate, and a coyote on South Gate.

On the way back down NGR, right in front of me, a squirrel fell out of a tree onto the road. He injured himself pretty bad and couldn't get up... he just squirmed around waiting for a car to run over him I guess.
And then at the residential area below the Gate I saw a loose Chihuahua that looked like a stray - I tried to catch him to check for tags but he ran away.

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