Saturday, July 31, 2010


No JB. I rocked the post.

Got to Moss Landing and wow...

Wildlife Encounter: Bobcat at Little Pine Creek Trail

My first thought was, "is that a mountain lion?". And my second thought was, "you don't see mountain lions... they see you." But it was definitely the biggest bobcat I've ever seen. He saw me too and crouched behind some weeds for a while. I stopped and waited for him to walk away so I could get a better photo.

Which I kinda got.

Surprisingly cold and windy at the bottom, got much nicer above a thousand feet.

Went right past Junction, took a break at Toyon, and then went to Juniper.


Pommi said...

Judging by your photos (fog, the cat), you were up at the mountain early. I saw a Klein bike at the Junction at around 11am, probably someone else.

Rick said...

Cool Cat. I saw one once on Mt. Hamilton, but not Diablo, yet...