Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2010 WNR 09

Wildlife Encounter: Three small deers near Wunderbar. Only one stopped to pose.

Hot today - I made a mental note not to melt my sew up glue and Beloki the descent... then I remembered I wasn't riding my sew ups.

Wildlife Encounter: Two jackrabbits at the Loading Dock.

On my way back down I came upon a group of about 20 riders on their ways up. Must have been TnT or something.

Earlier this week I offered some promotional suggestions to the organizers of the Best Buddies Challenge and they sent me a free event jersey! The ride is a charity event for a group that's sort of like Big Brothers for kids and teens with developmental disabilities. Here's the link to the ride LINK. The 100 mile route is a point to point ride from Carmel to San Simeon, comes with a massage, BBQ, concert, and shuttles back to the start. It's also interesting because they have a relatively low maximum participant restriction, and the highest minimum donation number I've ever seen. It's either an amazingly fun event or an amazingly worthwhile cause, or both, and they've already raised more than $2million just from this event (they have others around the country. Bonus: raffle prizes include megabuck bikes and there will be several celebrity participants. Here's the jersey I won.

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