Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quickie Junc Run

Met JB at the Gate. Warm and windy. We both had stuff to do today so Junction was the end.

On the way home on San Carlos I looked down and saw something stuck to my front tire - I envisioned myself doing a sew-up style tire wipe with my left hand, knocking out a goat head, and then hearing that PSSST PSSST PSSST and then fixing a flat. And then it all happened just as in my prophecy. Now I'm envisioning winning the lottery.

Treat Blvd was closed again over night - I think they're pouring concrete in the trays or something. Getting really close to completion now.

You don't really notice how much the bridge curves when you see it from street level.

Later, me and Diablo Daughter went to the grand opening of the new Walnut Creek Library - super nice! The bike racks were full too... we had to lock the tandem to a light pole.

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Anonymous said...

I got tired of thorn flats, even with Armadillo tires. I installed StopFlats2 liners (aka “Mr. Tuffy”) (50g/wheel)a year ago and have not had any punctures including four thorns, one of which was a huge one sunk dead center in my front tire. I no longer fear the Iron Horse trail.