Wednesday, July 21, 2021

2021 Wednesday Junction No 2 since patella fracture.

 Charlie had to cancel so it was just me and JB again.  And it was hot. I drove to the church and unloaded. I'm so far out of practice that I forgot my bikecam, so you get a plain old cell phone selfie:

Ewww, what is going on with my neck? 
Looks like the coin slot in a vending machine!
I'm going to say it was heat-related. 
I do follow good neck skin hygiene.

My plan was just to do Junction again, I had neither the endurance, strength, or time to do any more.  Good thing too, because I was SLOW.  Also had to stop twice again for a stretch break... pretty much the same places as last time.  I guess my next goal will be to make it to Junction without stopping but I still can't climb out of the saddle and I have a long ways to go fitness-wise.

Met a guy at Junction who was doing repeats up The Mountain - I said something about how that must be because he couldn't do The Death Ride because it was cancelled for a big fire, and he WAS registered and stayed overnight in Kirkwood when he got the word that they were evacuating Alpine County.

Not a lot of riders this afternoon, but they all gave me a wave.  ✋✋

Saturday, July 03, 2021

SMR 202103

 I've been waiting for today for SIX MONTHS!

I drove my trusty pickup to The Church to start the ride.

My knee is still a little unstable and a little painful and a little stiff and a little swollen. It's time to quit using that as an excuse not to ride, and start using it as an excuse for being slow and not doing the Summit.

Started off kind of windy but it was calm and sunny after a couple miles. Lots of riders enjoying The Mountain... does a body good.

I stopped a couple times to rest and stretch, but I was pretty sure I could make Junction if I didn't get too stiff and achy - the rest stops helped with that.

Am I ready for this?

The bike rack is back!  Benches are still gone though.

The knee stabilizer thing seems to help.

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